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Changes to HRAssist access

To maintain and enhance enterprise security of all BCTC services, we now require VPN access to use HRAssist if you are not accessing the service from an on-campus computer.

Many full-time employees are already using the VPN to access their office desktop computers or other Baruch/CUNY services, especially during the work-from-home policy during the pandemic. The VPN can be used to access any internal Baruch service not accessible to the open internet, and you do not need to remote desktop to your computer to use HRAssist (although it will work fine from there.) Not only can you just connect to the VPN on your home computer and access HRAssist directly from that computer, you can also download the GlobalProtect client for iOS/iPadOS and Android and access the service from your smartphone or tablet.

We have updated the instructions available at to provide basic instructions for connecting with the mobile clients. Also note that since the start of the pandemic VPN access has been automatically enabled for all faculty and staff and no longer needs advance approval from your supervisor, and although we don’t require you fill out the VPN form in advance, we ask that you follow the guidance it has regarding keeping the vendor OS patches up do date, and installing and updating antivirus software (CUNY users can download McAfee from the website.)

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