Welcome to Baruch! New Account Information for Faculty, Staff and Students

Whether you’re a new faculty, staff, or student joining us (virtually) at Baruch this fall, BCTC would like to welcome you to the College.

You will need access to your accounts to be successful.  There are two or three accounts you need to log into all your services at Baruch and CUNY depending on whether you’re faculty/staff or a student.

Types of accounts

Baruch username:  This account is for access for Baruch resources, such as network file shares, wireless access, and is the login used for Baruch desktop computers on campus, as well as access to, AdvisorTrac, and other services provided by Baruch.  For faculty and staff the Baruch username is the first initial and last name; for students it is the first initial, a period, and then the last name (for me “mrichichi” or “m.richichi”).  For faculty and staff this also provides access to your Baruch email account (firstname.lastname@baruch.cuny.edu).

CUNY Login:  This is an account provided by CUNY Central for access to services that everyone at CUNY has access to.  This is used for CUNYfirst, Blackboard, Dropbox, Zoom, and Microsoft 365 access for faculty and staff.

Baruchmail:  All student email is provided through Baruchmail access at baruchmail.cuny.edu.  While the initial password for the account is the same as the Baruch username, the accounts are not otherwise linked and can have different passwords.  Baruchmail is also what students use to access OneDrive and online Microsoft 365 apps (such as Office apps.)  Student email addresses are of the format firstname.lastname@baruchmail.cuny.edu.

How to Claim Your Accounts


Baruch Username: As of July 1st, we have automated the creation of faculty and staff  Baruch accounts with our Account Management System (AMS).  New faculty and staff will receive an email with instructions to claim their account within 24 hours after personnel data is entered into CUNYfirst by HR.  It is critical that you complete all paperwork and provide all data that HR asks for in a timely fashion, as we cannot enable accounts without that information and verification of employment eligibility.

Once you follow the instructions sent to your email, and your account is created, you can start using your Baruch email address for all official Baruch business.

CUNYfirst:  You an go to https://managelogin.cuny.edu/ to claim your CUNYfirst account.  You will need your EMPLID which should have been in the mails to claim your Baruch username that you received from AMS above.  You will also need other personal information.  Your CUNY Login will be of the form firstname.lastnameXX@login.cuny.edu, where XX are the last two digits of your EMPLID.  Please note that this CUNYfirst login is NOT an email address.  Most services now dependent on the CUNY Login do know your Baruch email address and will use that as the email address for those services.  (Note, however, that some Microsoft 365 functionality that is dependent on using it for email instead of another system may not work properly.)


Baruch username:  Student account creation has some automated parts, but we do not have an automated email notification system to enable students to claim their account.  (We are working on this service.)  For now, Baruch usernames can be claimed at https://www.baruch.cuny.edu/bctc/baruchusername/student.html.  After entering in the required information you will receive both your Baruch username and Baruchmail email address.

Once you claim your account, it is highly recommended you go to https://mypassword.baruch.cuny.edu/, click “Edit Profile”, log in, and create challenge questions for if you need to reset your password.  Please make sure you pick answers you will remember (and are also not too easy for someone to figure out.)  This will also allow you to make sure your password is working correctly.

Baruchmail:  https://www.baruch.cuny.edu/bctc/baruchmail/    has information on how to access your Baruchmail account.  To log in you use your email address (firstname.lastname@baruchmail.cuny.edu) and your inital password as shown at the Baruch Username page.  You will then be asked to change your password, and to set up password recovery information.

Common issues with passwords

For students, while the initial passwords for Baruchmail and Baruch username are the same, they are not linked.  It is possible you changed one or the other and the passwords are different.

If you can’t claim your account, you may need to check with the appropriate Admissions office or the Registrar to ensure that your personal information is correct.

The Helpdesk will reset passwords to the default initial password.

In the future we hope to have more password reset options available.  We need to balance user convenience with security.

Why so many accounts?

CUNY is a big place.  We have multiple areas providing IT services for our community, and historically we have had different levels of coordination and different needs for the colleges and the central organization.  As we look to improve IT services across the College and University we are seeking to unify accounts under a single login, but such a process takes time and resources.  We are hoping to use the CUNY Login to authenticate to services that are both by CUNY and by Baruch College, and are actively working with CUNY CIS to make that happen.  Any such changes to user authentication will be planned and provided with as much warning and help as possible to ensure a smooth migration.

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