Configuring your M365 Email Account on Outlook for Mac

  1. Select “Outlook/Preferences” from the menu bar:

  2. Select “Accounts”:

  3. Go to the plus sign at the lower left of the accounts list, and select “New Account”:
    New Account

  4. Enter in your CUNY Login address ( in the email address field:
    enter your CUNY Login

  5. Enter your CUNY Login and password in the CUNY Web Applications Login screen:

    CUNY Web Applications Login

  6. Click “Done” at the screen after you log in:

    Click Done


  • These instructions are for Outlook for Mac 2019 or later.
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One Response to Configuring your M365 Email Account on Outlook for Mac

  1. I have been looking at the tutorials for how to transfer items from the old email to the 365. (e.e.g “Transition To 365 (Desktop)” on the main BCTC page). Most of these tutorials feature directions and screenshots for PCs.

    What do I click on to see how to transfer the old emails to 365 on a Mac? I typically have only used online/web browser access for my old email. If we could have a tutorial with those images and directions– that is web browser access tools email or email legacy to the 365 on a Mac I would appreciate it.

    I can open the new email and have gotten a few this morning but cannot see any of my old ones, so I don’t think it automatically integrates with the new.

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