Japanese Minor

See the Bulletin: https://www.baruch.cuny.edu/bulletin/

Japanese Minor Requirements:

Students who choose a minor in Japanese language and culture should select TWO language courses at the 3000-level or above. To fulfill the minor, you need to enroll a capstone course. Any 4000-level course in the Japanese program’s offerings,  either from a Japanese language course (JPN4000-level course) or a literature, culture, or film course (CMP/AAS4000-level course) can be considered as the capstone course for the Tier III Minor requirement. The capstone course for the minor has to be taken at Baruch College.

COURSES for the JapaneseMinor:
JPN3001 Intensive Intermediate Japanese I (4 credits)
JPN3002 Intensive Intermediate Japanese II (4 credits)

JPN4000 Advanced Japanese Oral and Written Communication (3 credits)
JPN4005 Advanced Japanese: Learning through Content and Multimedia (3 credits)
JPN4003 Japanese Contemporary Japanese Literature, Film, and Culture (3 credits)
JPN4501 Japanese for Global Market (3 credits)
CMP/AAS 4905 Language, Literature, and Culture of Japan (3 credits) (3 credits)
CMP/AAS 4906 Critical Approaches to Japanese Popular Culture (3 credits)
CMP/AAS/FML 4907 Film and Moving Image Culture in Japan (3 credits)
Notes: CMP/AAS 4905, CMP/AAS 4906, and CMP/AAS4907 needs “prerequisite: ENG/CMP 2800 or 2850.” Both courses are conducted in English. 

Please be aware that NOT all the capstone courses are offered every term. Since Fall2017, the Japanese program begin offering one JPN4000-level course and one CMP/AAS4000-level course in each term. Still, one of them might be cancelled if the number of registered students is low. Please plan ahead and take the course early.

Notes#1: You are NOT allowed to take two different level language courses in the same semester (i.e. One can NOT take JPN3001 and JPN3002 in the same semester).

Notes#2: You are permitted to take a language course (JPN3000-level course) and a literature, culture, or film course (CMP/AAS-4000 level course) simultaneously in the same semester.

The quickest way to fulfill the minor requirements: after finishing JPN1002, take JPN3001 in the first semester and JPN3002 & AAS/CMP-4000 level capstone course in the second semester.

A more balanced way to fulfill the minor requirements: after finishing JPN1002, take JPN3001 in the first semester and JPN3002 in the second semester; and then take JPN4000-level or CMP/AAS4000-level course in the following semester.

For an advanced student or one who has previously learned Japanese  at an academic institution (i.e. high school) more than 2 years: after you take an assessment (contact the coordinator), you can fulfill the requirements by taking THREE 4000-level courses from any of the JPN or CMP/AAS courses.