Japanese Program

The Japanese Program offers all levels of Japanese language, as well as courses about Japanese literature, culture, cinema, and popular culture. The program offers two minors: (1) Japanese Minor (JPN) and (2) Japanese Studies Minor (JPS).

Currently, the Japanese Program offers the following courses. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester. To identify the courses offered by the Japanese Program, look for the course code, JPN, JPS, AAS, CMP.

*-mark indicates that they are capstone courses.

JPN1001 Elementary Japanese Language I (3 credits)
JPN1002 Elementary Japanese Language II (3 credits)

JPN3001 Intensive Intermediate Japanese I (4 credits)
JPN3002 Intensive Intermediate Japanese II (4 credits)

*JPN4000 Advanced Japanese Oral and Written Communication (3 credits)
*JPN4003 Japanese Contemporary Japanese Literature, Film, and Culture (3 credits)

*JPN4005 Advanced Japanese: Learning through Content and Multimedia (3 credits)
*JPN4501 Japanese for Global Market (3 credits)

*JPS/AAS 4950 Language, Literature, and Culture of Japan (3 credits)
*JPS/AAS 4906 Critical Approaches to Japanese Popular Culture (3 credits)
*JPS/AAS/FML 4907 Film and Moving Image Culture in Japan (3 credits)Notes: JPS/AAS 4905, JPS/AAS 4906, or JPS/AAS4907 needs “prerequisite: ENG/CMP 2800 or 2850.” Both courses are conducted in English. 

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