Japanese Program

Proficiency in Japanese language and literature is increasingly an important advantage in business, teaching, translation, and other professional careers.

Japanese course offerings are of two types: language and literature conducted in the foreign language as well as courses in literature conducted in English. The courses taught in a foreign language are designed to develop students’ command of modern languages for use orally and in writing, both in everyday experience and in the realm of literature and ideas.

Currently, the Japanese Program offers the following courses. Please be aware that all the courses are not always offered; in particular, advanced level language courses and literature/culture courses are alternately offered each semester. Currently, we offer one CMP/AAS4000-level course every spring term and one JPN4000-level course every fall term. Please consult the official “Schedule of Classes” from the Baruch Website. *-mark indicates that the course is a capstone course.

JPN1001 Elementary Japanese Language I (3 credits)
JPN1002 Elementary Japanese Language II (3 credits)

JPN3001 Intensive Intermediate Japanese I (4 credits)
JPN3002 Intensive Intermediate Japanese II (4 credits)

*JPN4000 Advanced Japanese Oral and Written Communication (3 credits)
*JPN4003 Japanese Contemporary Japanese Literature, Film, and Culture (3 credits)
*JPN4501 Japanese for Global Market (3 credits)

*CMP/AAS 4950 Literature, Culture, and Language in Contemporary Japan (3 credits)
*CMP/AAS 4906 Critical Approaches to Japanese Popular Culture (3 credits)
Notes: CMP/AAS 4905 or CMP/AAS 4906 needs “prerequisite: ENG/LTT 2800 or 2850.” Both courses are conducted in English.