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Classic Japanese Films at the Metrograph


Kuroneko, directed by Kaneto Shindo

Seven Samurai, directed by Akira Kurosawa

On Friday, July 29, the Metrograph will bring Kuroneko (1968), a feline ghost story and a tale of revenge, to the screen.

On Sunday, July 31, Metrograph will present Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (1954), introduced by Helen DeWitt, whose novel The Last Samurai details “the story of a precocious eleven year old who sets out on a quest, inspired by countless viewings of the Kurosawa epic, to find his lost father.”

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Entrepreneur on mission to make it easier to study abroad


Entrepreneur on mission to make it easier to study abroad


Foreign students looking to study in Japan would probably want to ask a million questions before taking the plunge.

Which schools and universities offer classes in English? What kind of scholarship programs are there? How does one find housing? Are part-time jobs available?

But given the language barrier and school websites that are less than helpful, many find the answers elusive.

Enter Shota Morikawa, a 24-year-old entrepreneur who is carving out a niche for himself in the education industry, where website technology remains fairly low-tech.

Last September, Morikawa launched ST Booking, a one-stop website offering information to foreign students who want to study in Japan. Morikawa wants schools to use his site as a marketing platform to recruit students, just like prospective home owners use, a popular real estate search engine.

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