Baruch Alumni Visit to Prof. Fujimori’s Class

Two Baruch alumni from The Consulate General of Japan in New York visited Baruch College in March. They spoke about their post-graduation experiences and career paths in US-Japan relations with Japanese language students at Professor Miho Fujimori’s class.

Talk Title: “Let’s make your story with Baruch!”

Speaker: Mr. Koichi Ito, Chief Representative of the Ministry of Finance at the Consulate General of Japan in New York

Mr. Koichi Ito is an alumnus of Baruch College, having obtained a Master’s Degree in Taxation in 2011. He currently serves as the Chief Representative of the Ministry of Finance at the Consulate-General of Japan in New York. He has worked for various government offices, such as the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C., fostering bilateral economic relations, the Ministry of Finance in Japan, where he designed the foreign ministry’s budget, modified corporate tax, and introduced a new tax for tourism policies, and the Prime Minister’s Office, managing a portfolio of domestic and political issues. He kindly offered the students a special talk on his life milestones, discussing memories from his student days, career path, missions, and more. Through his life journey, the students learned a mindset to thrive in a diverse environment on a global scale, leveraging professional skills.

We were also fortunate to have Ms. Lelani Pacific-Jack join us for a talk. She currently serves as a Researcher at the Consulate General of Japan in New York. During her final year at Baruch College, Lelani held the position of president at the Baruch Japan Club. Additionally, she was recognized as a recipient of the prestigious Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (JUSFC) grant!

This event was organized by all the students in JPN1001 PMWA, with leadership from Ms. Samaria Wilson, a freshman majoring in Entrepreneurship, and Mr. Daniel San, a senior majoring in Economics.

Thank you for creating a wonderful opportunity for our students!

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