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Free online Japanese test to see which JLPT level you should take

From sensei-online:

Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:23 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

“Amanda Rollins”


Check out the J-CAT. I registered for the test and took it the next day. It accurately predicted my JLPT level. The test took about one hour.

It looks like you can only take it once every six months? It’s run by Tsukuba University.

J-CAT: Japanese Computerized Adaptive Test


((Thanks go to Rebecca Allen (Ohio) for telling me about it. She uses it as a placement test.))

Happy testing!


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Monkey Business in New York

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How to Install Japanese on your devices

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Yoga in Japanese

hosh yoga
Starting April 21th, Hosh Yoga in Brooklyn will be offering Japanese Yoga classes on Thursdays. It wishes to support Japanese residents who want to start yoga (but may not fully understand English) and students of Japanese who would like to practice the language.

Website: Details
Time: Thursdays (beginning 4/21), 3-4 PM
Location: 55 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11221
Fee: Drop-ins $10

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West Meets East Matsuri (Baruch Japan Club, April 12th, Tuesday from 6:00 pm)


West Meets East Matsuri is a showcase of Japanese culture based performances that express the mixture of both the west and east. Directly after WW2, the Japanese built up their pop culture to specifically mimic that of the United States but by the early 2000s their roles switched, and the United States began borrowing from Japanese pop culture. Our show demonstrates traditional Japanese performances and their transition into the modern, exemplifying how they have taken from western culture and how we have taken from their eastern culture.
Location Information:
Baruch College – Newman Vertical Campus (View Map)
55 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10010
New York
Room: Multipurpose Room (1-107 to 1-111)

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