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Japanese Literature in English

Japanese Literature in English is a”searchable database that compiles all literary works translated from japanese to english and available in the united states (with some exceptions). entries are still being added, and suggestions for inclusion are welcome. please use the contact page.” Compiled and managed by Allison Markin Powell, translator/editor.

From the Library Session with Dr. Janey Chao:

1. Mechademia (Online)      Provides subject area extends from manga and anime to game design, fashion, graphics, packaging, and toy industries as well as a broad range of fan practices related to popular culture in Japan, including gaming, cosplay, fan artwork, anime music videos, anime improvisations, etc. https://www.mechademia.net/

Available at Baruch, begin with volume 1 (2006)-Present: http://ZM3UH2FR3L.search.serialssolutions.com/?V=1.0&L=ZM3UH2FR3L&S=JCs&C=TC0000391436&T=marc

2. Electronic journal of contemporary Japanese studies                                            An Open Access peer reviewed journal in the Social Sciences and Humanities that publishes academic research and scholarly writing on all issues related to contemporary Japanese society, economy, politics, literature, theatre, cinema, and culture. Published irregularly in frequencies (1, 2, 3, or 5 issues per year) with issues start from 2001 (volume 1, issue 1) – 2013 (Volume 13, issue 4), http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/

3. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asian and the Pacific (Australia National University)
Open Access Online Journal, published once per year, begins with 1998 (Issue 1) – 2014 (issue 34). It was conceived of as an interactive forum for new research and teaching in the area of gender studies in the Asian region.  Between September 1998 and mid 2007, 15 issues were published under the sub-title, Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context. Starting in 2007, the journal is re-focused with a new subtitle: Gender and Sexuality in Asian and the Pacific to add the Pacific as a specific area of research. http://intersections.anu.edu.au/

4. IJOCA: International Journal of Comic Art       Published twice a year, the journal aims for multidisciplinary in scope of research on any aspect of comic art, defined as animation, comic books, newspaper and magazine strips, caricature, gag and political cartoons, humorous art, and humor or cartoon magazines. A typical issue includes about 500-700 pages, averaging 30 articles and more than 200 illustrations.  http://www.ijoca.com/

 5. Japan Forum (Oxford, England)
Official journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies, published 4 times per year, covers subjects in area studies, Asian studies, Asian pacific studies, and Japanese studies. Click on Browse Journal for Current Issues, and Latest Articles, in Pdf full text.

6. The Review of Japanese Culture and Society 
Published once a year, the Review brings together Japanese and non-Japanese scholars on a range of issues related to Japanese culture. Issues begin with 1986 volume 1-Present. http://www.josairjcs.com/index.html

7. Japanese Studies
Published by the Japanese Studies Association of Australia, 3 times per year and covers subjects in area studies, Asian studies, Asian pacific studies, and Japanese studies. Click on Browse Journal for Current Issues, Latest Articles, Most Read Articles and Most Cited Articles.

8. Asian Cinema
Offers a platform for scholars, teachers and students who seek to form and promote communities of Asian cinema studies within Asia and beyond. It has certain restrictive access, but the open access option is available for articles that have been accepted for publication and is subject to a fee. http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals../view-Journal,id=219/view,page=2/