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Waiting List for Japanese Courses (Fall 2015)

If you have an intention to take a Japanese course (JPN1001, 1002 or 4003) in Fall 2015 and are not able to register for it since all those classes are now closed, please complete the  following online form. Once a new class is opened, we will let you know. Do NOT fill out this form if you have already registered for one of those courses.

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Summer internship information

This is information only.

My name is Koichi. I work at Tofugu, LLC, a company that creates Japanese learning products (WaniKani, TextFugu, EtoEto), and also runs a blog (Tofugu) about Japanese language, history, and culture. Every year we do a summer internship. I want to help out students who love Japan and/or the Japanese language. I remember when I graduated from college there weren’t many opportunities to use what I learned from Japanese Studies major. So we try to help with that.

I was hoping you would be able to pass along this internship opportunity to your students, or forward it to the correct person in your department. Here is our jobs posting:

The due date for the application is May 3, 2015.

The internship pays $12/hour, last 3 months, and the intern will work for 30-40 hours a week. They will be able to use their Japan/Japanese knowledge and have a direct impact on the success of the business. One thing I think we do a really good job at is allowing the intern to focus on an area they want to learn about in particular. Of course, they help us out, but we really want them to learn valuable skills that will help them when they graduate.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about it.

Thank you so much,
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Our mailing address is:
Tofugu, LLC
2009 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211

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