Japanese Cultural Events at J-Collabo

I’d like to introduce upcoming Japanese events at J-Collabo to classmates and Japanese club so please share this information!

We will have Yukidoke(snow melting season) Festival on Feb. 22 Sunday from 2PM-8PM.

From 2PM to 6PM, there will be six arts and craft workshops of Ishikawa Prefecture such as making traditional spinning top, how to wear Kimono and tea ceremony. Students will get 50% discounts to attend workshops!

Also, we will host Renjishi Performance from 6PM to 8PM. Renjishi performance requires RSVP. Classmates can reserve to info@j-collabo.org. After the performance, there will be a raffle to win prizes! If they make a group reservation (minimum 5 people), they will get extra raffle tickets only for group reservation teams.

As you know, I’m doing an internship at J-Collabo and we need many volunteer staffs who can help us at that day. It is a good chance to work with native Japanese professionals and artists. If classmates want to work with us, they can reach me at myungji.chae@gmail.com.

Thank you!
Myungji Chae

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