Internship Program Teaching English in Japan at Ibaraki Christian University

To whom this may concern:

Please excuse my mass mail message. I am emailing from Ibaraki Christian University in Japan to ask for your assistance in informing interested students of our internship program. This is the basic information that we post with career centers, internship offices and international offices:We are looking for students who are interested in doing an international internship related to teaching. Specifically, we are looking for interns to help undergraduate English majors in Japan improve their English. Interns will work with students in and outside of the classroom to help them academically, provide communication practice and create opportunities where students can use their English in nonacademic settings such as playing games, sports and other extracurricular activities that interns will plan. If you are interested in this program, please visit for more information. Please note that the position is ongoing. We welcome students of all religious faiths and cultures and secular humanists. Applications are welcome at all times.

I would appreciate it if you could inform any students who might be interested about the program or let me know if there is a specific person I should contact to have this emailed to interested students at your school. I would prefer you contact me directly as I have emailed multiple people at your school and do not want to overload anyone with multiple email messages.

Thank you for your understanding and help.

As with last year, we are happy to welcome applicants at all times, but we are especially interested in applicants who would like to intern during our spring semester, starting on April 1 and our fall semester, starting in late September. We know that matching school schedules is difficult so we can be flexible on the internship dates. If there is any more information that we can provide for you, please let us know.

Lastly, I am sending a handout on our program in a separate email message with only the attachment. Unfortunately, some Windows software react poorly to my Mac mail and delete messages when there are attachments. We would appreciate it if you could post or distribute the attachment to students who may be interested.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Rory S. Baskin
Professor and Chair
Department of Contemporary English
Ibaraki Christian University

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