Japanese Major? (CUNY B.A. Program)

I received the message from Dr. Kim J. Hartswick, the director of CUNY B.A. program. While we don’t offer a major, but several students have chosen Japanese-related subject as their majors. Take a look at their program. — CJ

With the coming to a close of another academic year, I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for assuming the responsibilities of mentoring our students, who are pursuing individualized and interdisciplinary degrees through CUNY BA.  We are always pleased, of course, to have returning mentors but it is particularly gratifying to see so many new mentors this past year.  I hope all of you have found these CUNY BA students to be disciplined, hard-working, talented, creative, and committed individuals.

We are always on the lookout for such students to enter the program.  So, if you have worked closely with other students, or have come across students in courses this year, who could benefit from pursuing their degrees through CUNY BA, please let them know that they can apply for Fall admission through August, and that we are offering information sessions in May (and possibly several others in June):http://cunyba.gc.cuny.edu/informationsessions/

Also, we have a great video that you may be interested in viewing and telling students to look at, as well:  http://cunyba.gc.cuny.edu/watchourvideo/

I hope the remainder of the semester goes well for everyone and that you all have great summer plans!

Hope to “see” you next academic year.

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