Fall 2013 - End of the Semesterweb Baruch Japan Club wishes that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Seeing as there are only two more weeks of classes left, it is time for our End of Semester Party. This event will be next Thursday, December 5, at our usual room VC 10-165 during club hours (12:45-2:05 PM). The End of Semester Party is a both a celebration of Japan’s previous events and a momentous way to end the semester. We have a video, games, and lots of food for everyone to enjoy. Please invite your students to join us for our final event of this semester!

Event Information

Event: End of Semester Party
Date: December 5, 2013
Place: VC 10-165
Time: 12:45-2:05 PM

Gen Hua Tan
Assistant Secretary l Baruch Japan Club

If anyone has an interest in an officer position in Baruch Japan Club, feel free to reply to this email with a statement of interest, plus your name and year.

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