[Gengo] J>EN translation opportunity for students

Dear Members of Japanese Teachers and Instructional Technology,

My name is Makoto, and I am a translator acquisition officer at Gengo, a US and Tokyo-based online translation company. We are currently looking for Japanese to English translators to join our worldwide team.
We believe that the translator position at Gengo could be a useful learning resource, and I would like to invite your students to become Gengo translators. Translation materials range from a love letter to a business report. The job is remote, and translators will have full control over when they want to work.The only prerequisites are (1) creating a translator account here; (2) passing the Japanese to English translation test; and (3) holding valid working visa.

Please see here for more information, and I would be grateful if you could share the attached flyer with students.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Makoto HARA
Translator acquisition officer, Gengo
Tel.: 0081-3-6450-5218
Email: makoto.hara@gengo.com


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