Ozu and His Afterlives Film Series at the Lincoln Center

@zx_284@zy_150December 4 – 12
Ozu and His Afterlives Film Series

This December marks the 110th anniversary of Yasujiro Ozu’s birth and the 50th anniversary of his death. To commemorate the occasion, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is proud to present the U.S. premieres of brand-new restorations of two exquisite color films by Ozu,Equinox Flower (1958) and An Autumn Afternoon (1962). To pay tribute to his enduring influence, the series also includes seven films by contemporary directors—from Jim Jarmusch to Pedro Costa, who once called Ozu’s films “documentaries about mankind”—that bear some trace, obvious or subtle, of the great Japanese master. All are films that in their own way—to borrow a phrase from the director Claire Denis—grew under the shade of Ozu.


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