The 6th Annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

Please attend the 6th Annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) with Baruch and CUNY students presenting on panels linked to undergraduate peers in England and Australia via teleconferencing.  Conference is free and breakfast and lunch are provided.

6th Annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) at Baruch College 2019

MONDAY, SEPT. 23 KEYNOTE IN NVC 14-270, 55 Lexington Ave. at 24th Street

 TUESDAY, SEPT. 24 in Rooms H765 and H763 in Baruch’s William & Anita Newman Conference Center at 151 East 25th Street 

 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 25 in Room H763 in Baruch’s William & Anita Newman Conference Center at 151 East 25th Street 

 Questions?:  Please contact or 646-312-4332

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Day 1:  Keynote Address

Monday, September 23, 5:45-8:00, NVC 14-270

Beth Macy, “What Moves You: Framing Research Questions for Societal Impact”


Beth Macy is a Virginia-based journalist and the author of three-bestselling books about marginalized communities in America, “Dopesick,” “Truevine,” and “Factory Man.” Her books have won national awards, including an L.A. Times Book Prize and a J. Anthony Lukas Award. She is the Harman Writer in Residence at Baruch this fall.

Welcome by Art King, Dean of Students

Dinner will be served.




Day 2: Tuesday, September 24, Rooms H765 and H763

151 East 25th Street 


Tuesday 8:30-9:00am Arrival and Breakfast H763


8:45am: Welcome from Weissman Dean Aldemaro Romero


Tuesday Session 8B: 9:00-10:30am (Rm. H763): Technology, Engineering & Modelling (Warwick, Leeds & Baruch)


Lakshya Singhai (University of Leeds, UK): “Using Machine Learning to Assess Diabetic Foot Ulcers”


Farhan Chowdhury (Baruch Hub: Queens College, CUNY ): “An analysis of big data to curate, analyze and visualize the patterns of multiple atmospheric measurements in NYC to characterize urban air quality patterns”


Laura Agosto (Baruch College): “Has Japan’s Security Posture Significantly Changed and Why or Why Not?”


Michelle Duong (University of Warwick, UK): “Effects of topic Familiarity of 3D Mental Rotation tasks between Chemistry Students and Non-Chemistry Students.”


Tuesday Session 9B 10:30am – 12:00pm (Rm. H763): Scientific Applications for Health (Warwick, Leeds & Baruch)


Vanessa Yung (University of Leeds, UK): “Investigating and Developing a Measurement System for the Detection and Monitoring of Clostridium Difficile.”


Nathan Khabyeh-Hasban (Baruch College): “Changing Bilirubin and assessing its Impact on Protein Fluorescence”


Gabrielle Yoonsae Han (University of Warwick, UK): “Cyclic peptide / polymer conjugates for anti-cancer drug delivery applications”


Hannah Reichel (University of Warwick, UK): “Using machine Learning to Classify Primary Care Practices and Allow Fair Comparisons of Antibiotic Prescribing”


Tuesday 12:00-12:30 Lunch Break


Tuesday Session 10A: 12:30 – 2:00pm (Rm. H765): Behavioral Science and Systems (Warwick and Baruch)


Pratyush Satyanarayan (University of Warwick, UK): “The Contribution of Legalised Casino Gambling to Singapore’s Economic Growth”


Radu Racovita (University of Warwick, UK): “Engineering of Intelligent Microbial Communities Mastering the Game of Tic-Tac-Toe Through Reinforcement Learning”


Biling Chen (Baruch Hub: Queensborough Community College, CUNY): “CIS-TRANS Isomerization of Nitrodienes”


Mark Tria (Baruch College): “Housing Cares”


Tuesday Session 10B: 12:30 – 2:00pm (Rm. H763): Intersections of Conflict & Trade (Warwick and Baruch)


Patrick Freyer (University of Warwick, UK): “The effects of land regulations on economic freedom and the relation to foreign direct investments in ultra high-density urban areas”


Alexander Milanovic (University of Warwick, UK): “Forecasting Cryptocurrency Price Movements With Deep Learning and Sentiment Analysis”


Elina Spule (Baruch College): “Origins of the Pacific War during World War II: Oil Embargo and the China Question”


Tuesday Light Dinner 4:00-5:00 H763


Tuesday Session 11A: 5:00-6:00 pm (Rm. H-763): Psychology (Monash University Australia and Baruch)


Student moderator: Goldie Gross


Alice Kunjumon (Monash University Australia): “Negative impacts of FoMO (Fear of Missing Out)”


Francis Cheong (Monash University Australia): “How much should I sleep in on weekends? Modelling the intrinsic trade-off between social jetlag and sleep debt”


Ommiya Butt & Begzodjon Musaev (Baruch Hub: College of Staten Island): “Neurobehavioral effects in mice exposed to Dibutyl Phthalate”


Tuesday Session 11B: 5:00-6:00pm (Rm. H-765): Economic Policy & System (Monash University Australia and Baruch)


Nuraiym Kemelova (Baruch College): “Kyrgyzstan’s WTO Accession Results”


Silvio Pantoja (Baruch College): “Doomed to Fail: The Unsustainable Nature of Abenomics”


David Young (Monash University): “Emerging Global Monetary Systems for the 21st Century”


Tuesday Session 12A: 6:00-7:30pm (Rm. H-763): Stigma & Discrimination – Past and Present (Monash University Australia and Baruch)


Student moderator:  Katherine Hernandez


Emma Clarke (Monash University): “The Affects of Doubt: Wittenburg in 1550-1605”


Rachel Sultana, Brooke Mat & Vanessa See (Monash University): “The stigma associated with endometriosis pain management of working nurses”


Noah Bloomberg (Baruch College): “The Thirteenth Amendment and its Application for Mass Incarceration in the United States”


Gisselle Belia (Baruch College): “The Construction of Race in the Census of the Dominican Republic”


Tuesday Session 12C: 6:00-7:30pm (Rm. H-765): Health & Data (Monash University Australia and Baruch)


Nathaniel Zinda (Baruch College): “Attention and Persuasion in Information Technology: Nudging Users Toward ‘Time Well Spent’ Through App Ratings”


Basya Buchbinder (Baruch College): “Synthesis of Novel Quorum Sensing AI-2 Inhibitors”


Sunjuri Sun (Monash University): “Respiratory management strategies and bronchopulmonary dysplasia in extremely preterm infants” 

Jeremy Wein (Monash University): “A Novel Alternative to Antibiotic Treatment in the Age of Multi-drug Resistance – Understanding how Chi-like phages target bacterial flagellum of Salmonella Typhi”



Day 3: Wednesday, September 25, Room H763

151 East 25th Street 



Wednesday 8:30-9:00am: Arrival and Breakfast, H763


Wednesday Session 19B: 9:00-10:30am (Rm. H763): Innovative Materials & Treatments (Warwick, Leeds & Baruch)


James Cooper (University of Leeds, UK): “Standardised Particles in Pre-filled Syringes”


Anna Romero (Baruch Hub: Queensborough Community College, CUNY): “More than Skin Deep: The Impact of DNA-Testing and Inquiry-Based Learning on Students’ Understanding and Attitudes about Race”


Henry Wu (Baruch College):  “Nucleoporin Gp210, a Marker of Human Autoimmune Disease Primary Biliary Cholangitis, Found to be Involved in Fly Blood Cell Development”


Georgia Evans (Univeristy of Warwick, UK): “The ‘Facts of Biology’: Evaluating the Role of Positivist-Empiricist Science in Understanding Homosexuality”


Wednesday Session 20B: 10:30-12:00pm (Rm. H763): Social Change, Inclusion & Engagement (Warwick & Baruch)


Anna Ferrari (University of Leeds, UK): “What is there that we can’t see? The language classroom explained by children with ADHD”


Xyomara Wutoh-Hughes & Josue Merida (Baruch College): “Exploring Drosophila melanogaster musculature”


William Ward (University of Warwick, UK): “Has austerity created a social care sized hole that’s sinking England’s National Health Service?”


Jay Seol (University of Warwick, UK): “Decolonising ‘Right to the City’: Unveiling and Eradicating Colonial Legacies in Urban Spatial Struggles”


Wednesday Session 21A: 12:00-1:00pm (Rm. H763): Environment, Systems and Sustainability (Warwick & Baruch)

Lukas Glatz (University of Warwick, UK): “Climate Change and Sin Stock Creation”


Konstantin Novichencko (Baruch Hub: College of Staten Island, CUNY): “Modeling Collaboration between Autistic Players using a Kinect Game”


Karl Francis, Waqas Nasir,  Konstatin Novichenko, Kevin Bloom, Sandycarli Pequero, Emanual Gil (Baruch Hub: College of Staten Island, CUNY): “Celestial Mechanics: Data collection and Improved (ADCS) Attitude Determination and Control Technique for Picosatellites”



This conference is generously funded by the

Office of Research of the City University of New York

and the Baruch Harman Writer-in-Residence Program.


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